Green Med

GreenMed is a project aimed at raising awareness and educating medical students of climate change issues. Moreover, we aim to cultivate environmentally conscious behavior in the medical students today so that they can become positive role models as clinicians, and take these positive behaviors into hospitals/clinics.
The long-term objectives of the project are:

  • Raising awareness about environmental health issues among the UQ community
  • To engage students in environmental health issues through volunteering and collaborations with local organizations including the DEA (Doctors for the Environment Australia.

Code Green Week

TIME is extremely excited to present to you Code Green Week for the very first time! Our main aim in Code Green Week is to promote and raise awareness about the environment and environmental health in our medical community. Whether you are passionate about the environment, want to learn more about environmental health and understand how climate change relates to the medical profession and what WE as future doctors can do to help the environment, this week is for you! 
JULY 22nd: ‘Theory of Change’ WorkshopJULY 23rd/24th: Seminar with Associate Professor Grant Blashki
JULY 26th: TIME GreenMed, DEA, and Manali Medical Aid Project Movie Night “Green Gold”. 
JULY 27th: Plant a Tree with National Tree Day
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 For more information please contact Green Med conveners at, or sign up on the Project Sign Up page.