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Aug 13 14

TIME UQ Presents: The Twilight 2k Costume Run for the Hamlin Institute

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Bundle up and get ready to strip it off for TIME UQ’s first Twilight 2k!

TIME FunRun 2014

Here’s how the event works:

Come dressed up in a costume with a jacket/sweater/jumper/shirt over it that you are ready to part with. Right before the start, everyone strips off their outer layers which are collected for donation to Pinkenba Detention Center. The race is run in whatever costume you have on underneath. It can be anything you think of: a good ole classic superhero, your favorite barn animal, or if you feel so bold as to brave the cold in your blooomers, go right on ahead.

All costumes welcome ( keep in mind that cultural sensitivity is encouraged and nudity is not advised).


4:30 Race Day Registration by the UQ Rugby Club (near the track)
5:00 Race start
5-8:30 Post race drinking and BBQ

Before midnight 16/8: $15
17/8 through race day: $20
Tickets are available at

One post race beer (with more available for purchase)
BBQ food
Runner’s high

Money and ID for more discounted drinks!
Outer layer to donate
Warm clothes for after running 

A prize of 3 additional beers each will be awarded to the fastest male, female, and best costume.

As a part of TIME’s maternal health month, the Twilight 2k will benefit Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. With your help we will raise enough money for 2 fistula operations, so sign up and drink up! All proceeds will go to Hamlin, check out their website for more information

Aug 12 14

August is Maternal Health Month: Fun Run, Assembly Days and More!

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One women dies every 90 seconds across the world and most of these deaths are preventable. Hence, one of UNMDG’s targets is to reduce the rates of maternal mortality by 75%. TIME is proud to promote August as Maternal Health Awareness Month and we have three exciting events for everyone to look forward to!

1) Zonta Club Birthing Kit Assembly Day -August 13th and 16th

Assist the Brisbane Zonta Club in two days of assembly for essential and hygenic birthing kits to be sent to Ethiopia, Somalia, PNG and more!
Please visit for more information

2) Fun Run for Hamlin Fistula Hospital- August 23rd

Join us for a costumed 2km fun run in support of the Hamlin Fistula Hospital which helps repair obstetric fistulas in Ethiopia. Each runner will receive a free drink and there will be prizes, music, food and more!

Please visit for details and how to sign up!

3) Days for Girls Sanitary Packet Assembly Day – August 29th

Days for Girls is a Brisbane organization that promotes access to  quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness for women. Join us in assembling sanitary packs which will be brought by first years on their year-end elective.

Please visit for more details and visit

Jul 14 14

Upcoming Projects: Code Green Week and Zonta Birthing Kit Assembly

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Code Green Week

TIME is extremely excited to present to you Code Green Week for the very first time! Our main aim in Code Green Week is to promote and raise awareness about the environment and environmental health in our medical community. Whether you are passionate about the environment, want to learn more about environmental health and understand how climate change relates to the medical profession and what WE as future doctors can do to help the environment, this week is for you! 

  • JULY 22nd: ‘ Theory of Change’ Workshop
  • JULY 23rd/24th: Seminar with Associate Professor Grant Blashki
  • JULY 26th:  TIME GreenMed, DEA, and Manali Medical Aid Project Movie Night “Green Gold”.
  • JULY 27th:   Plant a Tree with National Tree Day

For more details about each event please visit

The Birthing Kit Assembly Day

The Birthing Kit Assembly Day is back and the Zonta Birthday Kit Foundation is hosting TIME volunteers to help in the Brisbane assembly on the 13th and 16th of August! Don’t miss this opportunity to help provide a clean birthing environment for women in third world countries to reduce infant and maternal mortality. It’s a fun filled day and an opportunity to learn what essential items are needed for a hygienic delivery. For more details please visit our event page at or for more details

For specific inquiries, please contact

Jun 24 14

Volunteers needed for Refugee Detention Centre Visits.

by webmaster

Dear TIME members, we are seeking keen volunteers with an interest in issues related to refugees and asylum seekers to take part in regular visits with our Refugee Health Conveners to the Detention Center in Brisbane. This is a rare and unique opportunity to meet refugees and hear their background and stories about their journey to Australia, their stay in Manus Island/Nauru and their experience here in Brisbane. In return, we hope to provide residents of the center with clothing, toys and food as well as sharing their story and experiences. If you are interested, please send an email to with a short statement of why you are interested. Please note that the people we meet at the Detention Center greatly appreciate our visit and it is important that you are able to commit to visiting on a monthly basis. If you have any questions, please contact the above email!

Jun 1 14

Bairo Pite Clinic – visited by TIME Manager of Projects

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A 11 hours at the clinic today and its really not that unusual here at Bairo Pite in Timor Leste. Its long, arduous and not that pleasant weather wise with temperatures in the 30s and a very high humidity. But in the end, it is medicine that excites and reminds us of the rewarding nature of the profession.

Tuberculosis is by far the most common condition seen at the clinic and its presentation ranges from pulmonary TB to Potts disease, facial lesions, abdominal TB, TB meningitis to the Scrofula (look it up!). Besides that, everything else imaginable crops up ranging from emergencies to unexplained hepatomegaly, ENT masses, Rheumatic fever and malnutrition. It all reinforces the importance of having excellent clinical skills as well as understand the socioeconomic background of your patients.

Timor isn’t the richest nation but it has a colorful history and is worthwhile for everyone to visit at some point of their career!