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TIME Executive Committee Contacts


Chairperson – Tom Pearson
(past: Bethany Holt)
Manager of Projects – Ariel Ho
(past: Teoh Zheyi)
Manager of Events – Sulagna Gupta
(past: Maneeta Uppal)
Secretary – Georgia O’Sullivan
(past: Liana Neldner)
Treasurer – Edward Clarke
(past: Grace Brownlee)
Sponsorship Officer – Toni Kinneally
(past: Micah-Lynn Truant)
AGH Representative – Bethany Holt
(past: Emily Shao)
Technology Officer – Kaiya Ferguson
(past: Taha Othman)


TIME Directors Contacts:

Ian Anderson

Claire Thiele

Christine Mendes

Jessica Leskowski

Taha Othman

Emily Shao

Maneeta Uppal

Teoh Zheyi


TIME Officers Contacts:


Projects: the TIME Vice President ( has oversight of our projects, or you can contact individual project convenors:


Medical Aid Project

Refugee Health Project convenor:
Maternal Health Project convenor:
Indigenous Health Project convenor:
Green Med Project convenor:

1st year MBBS St Lucia Campus representative:

Ipswich Campus Representative


Apply online for membership here and sign up online to get involved with projects or events here.


If you have any general enquiries email us at, or mail to:

Mayne Medical School
Herston Road
QLD 4006